Rheem Furnaces

Why Rheem?

Enjoy warm, cozy winter nights with a reliable Rheem Gas Furnace. Rheem offers products that fit every budget, so your family can enjoy reliable home comfort for years to come. We focus on bringing homeowners ‘The New Degree of Comfort’ through the development of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions designed to save money and go easier on the environment. With a Rheem Gas Furnace, you’ll enjoy a perfect balance of comfort, efficiency, and reliability.


…is of the utmost importance when it comes to your family’s comfort. Rheem’s gas furnaces come standard with the Rheem-exclusive PlusOne Ignition System. This proven direct spark ignition is one of the most reliable ignition systems available today. Used exclusively by Rheem, this technology is the some proven design used on stoves and ovens.

Protect your home

…with Rheem’s PlusOne Water Management System. The industry’s first blocked drain sensor will shut off your furnace when a drain is blocked, preventing water spillage and potential water damage to your home. It also prevents seasonal start-up issues, which means fewer warranty claims.

Quiet and Efficient Comfort

The new patented heat exchanger provides improved airflow, which reduces operating sound by 20% when compared to previous Rheem gas furnace models, making them some of the quietest furnaces on the market. And, because they are high-efficiency, your monthly energy bill will give you even more reasons to smile.

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