Home Monitoring System Uses

Schlage LiNK™…Home Monitoring System from Anywhere…

Schlage LiNK™ Home Automation subscribers are just like you and me- Loving Parents. Busy Professionals. Convenience Seekers. Gadget gurus. We might not use the Schlage LiNK Solution in the same way, but it serves a purpose for all, ultimately providing convenience, wireless home control, and peace of mind.

 Grant Home Access Remotely

 Schlage Link, Latch key kid, home automation, remote monitoring As a busy mom, she’s constantly juggling her 9-5 job and children’s schedules. The Schlage LiNK Home Automation System makes her life easier and provides her peace of mind through-out the day. With Schlage LiNK she doesn’t have to worry about finding her house keys before she leaves in the morning as she knows her personal pin will grant her access after a long day of work. The keypad function and alerts are great for service people that she trusts and allows her house cleaner to come and go without having to carry a key. She’s instantly notified of when they arrive with the text alert feature; whether she’s dropping the children off at school in the morning or running to an afternoon meeting. Schlage LiNK keeps her connected from the office and across town, helping her manage her life- that makes the $8.99 home automation monthly subscription fee worth it!

Remote Home Monitoring

Schlage link, home automation, remote monitoringKnowing that his family is home safe thanks to Schlage LiNK makes him feel at ease while away on business travel. The starter kit was surprisingly easy to install in under an hour and he now enjoy the benefits of email and text alerts on his cell phone when his daughter arrives home from school or son from soccer practice. Since he’s always on the go, he can control the thermostat remotely to change his home’s temperature on the go to a comfortable level and adjust the thermostat from work to save energy while away during the day. It’s convenient and provides cost saving! He’s not sure why he waited so long to install the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System.

Home Monitoring Camera

Pet Monitoring, Wireless camera, schlage linkThere is nothing like checking in on her dog Lucy while she’s away to make her feel like she’s in two places at once. Installing Schlage’s Wireless Cameras and the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System allows her to check in on her best friend throughout the day. If she misses her flight or is running late from work she can easily let in the neighbor kids from her cell phone to take Lucy for a walk or let her outside. The neighborhood kids get a kick out of waiting for the Schlage button to flash and the “magic” of opening the door from her cell phone so far away. They might think she’s the coolest neighbor; she just sees it as a way for the neighborhood children to help her look after her dog. Thanks to the Schlage LiNK System she feels a bit closer to Lucy- even from a distance.