Ecoer offers a high efficiency inverter driven cold weather heat pump when coupled with a gas or LP furnace creates the ideal Dual-Fuel system for our Wisconsin climate. A dual-fuel system is a home comfort system that pairs an electric heat pump with a gas or LP furnace and alternates between the two fuel sources to maximize comfort and efficiency. You are in charge of which fuel to use depending on current fuel costs. Switching fuels is done automatically based on outdoor temperature.

Consistent Comfort

Compared with fixed speed systems, Ecoer inverter sytems have a much wider capacity range which helps to achieve faster and more consistent heating and cooling. With more than 30 stages in the Ecoer compressor, Ecoer heat pumps provide more accurate and effiecient temperature control while using less energy.

Ecoer Inverter Compressor

Lowest Cost Replacement Solution

Thanks to Ecoer’s innovative non-communicating inverter technology, Ecoer’s inverter outdoor condenser units are compatible with traditional 1-stage and 2-stage indoor air handlers or gas or LP furnaces with 24V controlled thermostats. Ecoer inverter systems deliver the precise amount of heating and cooling needed to acheive the desired temperature. Thanks to a SEER rating up to 20, an HSPF rating up to 10 and a self-learning load programming, the inverter system can reduce annual utility bills compared to older 10 SEER air conditioning systems. Ecoer inverter systems provide the greatest indoor comfort at the most affordable price to our customers.

Quiet Operation

The lowest average sound rating is 56dB for the Ecoer inverter outdoor condenser unit. Ecoer offers a Quiet Mode for nighttime use.

Robust and Reliable Quality

The Ecoer innovative Backup-Running Technology can keep the system running safely in case of failure of up to 2 sensors. This feature reduces inconvenient system outages and will allow the system to continue to operate while awaiting system maintenance. The Ecoer Smart IoT Gateway monitors the operation of your Ecoer inverter system 24 hours a day. It diagnoses the operation data, predicts possible faults and sends alerts to your service provider automatically when a failure event occurs. The condenser can be updated remotely with the newest software to provide the best product experience.

Ecoer IoT Gateway

Industry Leading Warranty

Ecoer high efficiency heat pump systems come with 10 year limited warranty on parts, 10 years warranty on labor and 10 years of remote monitoring via the Ecoer IoT 4G Gateway.

*Warranty is for residential single or two-family structures