TZONE1050 Trane XL1050 Thermostat
Monitor your home ComfortLinkā„¢ II XL1050 works with a network of sensors...
CHWES41013 Cable Sensor for Lyric WiFi Leak Sensor
Daisy chain extra cable sensors and cover up to 500 feet of space with one...
CHW3610W1001 Honeywell WiFi Leak and Freeze Sensor
The average water leak causes $7000 in damage (source American Insurance...
ComfortLink (TCONT850) (XL850) Trane Thermostat
Take control of your home's heating and cooling system comfort and energy...
Trane TCONT824 (XL824) Thermostat
The Trane TCONT824 (XL824) smart contraol has a 4.3" color touch screen and...
Trane ZZONEPNLAC52ZB Zone Panel Kit
Trane Zone Panel Kit
ZZSENSAL0400AA Remote Indoor Sensor
Remote Wired Indoor Temperature Sensor. For use with TZONE950 (ComfortLink...
C7089U1006 Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Temperature Sensor senses outdoor temperature for the VisionPRO and...
BAYSEN01ATEMPA Outdoor Sensor
BAYSEN01ATEMPA is the outdoor sensor used for Nexia Thermostats (TZONE950,...
Trane BAY24VRPAC52D(xx) Interface Board
Trane BAY24VRPAC52D relay panel for use with the Trane TZONE950 & the Trane...
T87N1000 Mercury Free Round Thermostat
T87N1000 The RoundĀ® Mercury Free Thermostat with manual changeover and R,...