Ductless Heat Pump Green Bay

The top name for ductless heat pump Green Bay is Bay Area Services. Our expertise in HVAC services puts us miles ahead of our competitors. We have a wide variety of knowledge about many kinds of systems, including a ductless heat pump system.

Our team of experienced professionals is made up of masters at the craft of installing and repairing heat pumps in homes or businesses. Our services are quick and easy, so you can make the most of your precious time.

Repair or Install a Ductless Heat Pump Green Bay

At Bay Area Services, we are experts at installing high efficiency ductless heat pumps for your home or office. Our systems are modern, reliable, and energy efficient. At Bay Area Services, we provide for you only the best ductless heat pump we could possibly install.

Our heating systems include:

  • Y-Series: This series of heat pump outdoor units can heat or cool up to 50 individual zones. Available in sizes from 6-30 tons, INVERTER-driven compressor and allows cooling to -10° F with optional low ambient kit.
  • MSZ-D/MUZ-D (M-Series): Complete control over individual rooms, INVERTER driven compressor to only use the energy needed to maintain maximum performance.
  • MSZ-FH/MUZ-FH (M-Series): Industry-leading efficiency of 30.5 SEER, hyper-heating performance down to -13° F outdoor, i-See™ Sensor, and multi-function wireless controller.
  • PKA (P-Series): Ductless installation, easy to clean and washable filter, hot-start technology, and a sleek design.

Get the Best Ductless Heat Pump Green Bay Area

Our top-notch service and competitive rates are some of the best in the business. With Bay Area, you won’t have to worry ductless heat pump cost. We understand the financial burden these systems can cause, but our professional services are affordable. By choosing us, you choose the best in the business for ductless heat pump Green Bay area.

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