Williamson GWA Boiler

  • 52,000 to 245,000 Btuh Input
  • Natural or Propane
  • Factory tested
  • Easy service
  • One-piece access door
  • All controls in easy reach
  • Cast iron sections with built-in air separator
  • Insulated heavy-gauge steel jacket
ModelA.G.A. Input (MBH)Natural Gas Standing Pilot*LP Gas Standing Pilot*Natural Gas Intermittent Pilot*Net I=B=R Ratings (MBH)Min. Chimney SizeShipping Weight
GWA-0525280.280.483.0374″ x 20′200
GWA-0707080.180.783.0504″ x 20′200
GWA-10510580.481.483.0775″ x 20′240
GWA-14014080.481.582.51026″ x 20′280
GWA-17517580.581.682.21266″ x 20′325
GWA-21021080.581.781.81517″ x 20′370
GWA-24524580.581.881.41767″ x 20′425
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